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Movie Night Struggles

Friday nights at my home are movie nights. The struggle of finding the perfect movie to watch, taking into account the moods, the weather, the ambience etc is huge. Here’s a website that can make things a tad easier for you.

Free Selective Focus Photography of Popcorns Stock Photo

On decorating small spaces

Have a small space and need some d├ęcor ideas? Here’s lovely piece I read this week.

Free From above of miniature toys tipi house and American Indian family placed near vintage globe against gray background at daytime Stock Photo

This picture gave me the Chills – Spooky!

An Inspiring story

Have been falling her insta for a while. Never knew she had been through so much. Read her story here.

Where does salt come from?

Ever wondered where salt comes from? Read this heart-wrenching tale of Agariyas (The salt pan workers of Kutch)

Fulfilling India’s salt needs comes at a price, as the salt pan workers face problems like abnormally thin legs which become so stiff that even after death, they do not burn in the funeral pyre.


Yuki at four months with Bunny ears or are they Kangaroo ears?

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