My Top 13 Shows (Thursday Thirteen)

Dear Readers,

Have you heard of Thursday Thirteen? If not click on the words to know more.

Here is my list of the top 13 shows I watched and loved (In no particular order) in recent years.

  1. Young Sheldon (Ongoing, Prime)
  2. Never Have I Ever (Completed, Netflix)
  3. Our Planet (Ongoing, Netflix)
  4. Anne with an E (Discontinued 🙁 , Netflix)
  5. Schitt’s Creek (Completed, Netflix)
  6. Bridgerton (Ongoing, Netflix)
  7. Masaba Masaba (Ongoing, Netflix)
  8. The Good Doctor (Ongoing, Netflix)
  9. The Queen’s Gambit (Completed, Netflix)
  10. Panchayat (Ongoing, Prime)
  11. Little Things (Completed, Netflix)
  12. Drink Masters (Completed, Netflix)
  13. Mismatched (Ongoing, Netflix)

I hope you have found at least a few new shows in this list.

What are your favourite TV shows? Tell me in the comments below.

In other news,

Episode six of my podcast ‘Word by Word with Ashwini Shenoy‘ is OUT now. You can listen to it here.

As promised, the first chapter of my Episodic Story – The Woman in My House will be out tomorrow.

See you tomorrow!

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