Meet Yuki, our new Desi Pup and the Friendliest dog ever.

Dear Readers,

How have you been?

I have written about pets before on this blog and every time the response from you guys have been amazing. I guess that’s the thing about these little fur-babies – they tug at the stoniest of hearts.

Yuki – Named after the baby goat in Heidi, was love at first sight. We had been contemplating adopting a pup for a really long time but always hesitated to take the big bold step.

Yuki found me when I was on my morning walk, late October. She was alone, scared and hungry. All of 30 days old (as confirmed by the vet). She clung to my leg and refused to let go. I had no intention of leaving her there. Thus began a friendship that spread across the neighbourhood within hours. Today she is a happy, healthy pup pampered by no less than 4 families.

She is the friendliest dog ever. Everyone from the house-help to the guy who comes to take the garbage away, stop by to play with her for a few minutes. She hardly barks except when there is a particular cat around or if you try to enter the gate when no one is around.

She is also a fast learner. Within 2 weeks of coming home, she learned to respond to her name. She is not a fussy eater and rarely whines.

We built her a permanent home under the staircase where she stores sticks and stones from the backyard. She even befriended a stray kitten and the two sleep there together after a night of running around – a very unusual friendship indeed. I guess like humans their animosity is not born but inherited.

This is how I find them on most mornings.

Shyamala, the protagonist in my new novel ‘Gift of Life’ befriends a stray cat after months of trying to shoo it away. As you can see on the cover page, the two call it a truce and eventually the cat helps Shyamala keep her anxiety at bay. The two spend the Nationwide Lockdown alone, unintentionally taking solace in each other’s presence. Relatable isn’t it?

The book is full of sweet moments like this. Unusual friendships and humorous bits that are sure to fill your heart with warmth and joy.

That is all I had for today. If you would like to read further about Shyamala’s story, click on the FREE sample chapters below. You can pre-order the book and get a limited edition bookmark free 🙂

Hurry up! Grab your copy.



Yuki at 8 weeks

PS: If you ever plan to get a dog, please adopt a desi pup. They are just as loving and adorable.



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