Another Year Passed, Another Lesson Learned

Dear Readers,

How have you been? Can you believe the year has already come to an end?

2021 was a roller coaster for everyone. After nearly 10 months of staying at home and moving around cautiously, we believed the worse, that was the year 2020, had ended. Very soon we realised 2021 had brought along with it far greater challenges. In India, Covid wave 2 hit us with a force we weren’t prepared for.

For several weeks, death and sickness made their presence known in every nook and corner. Protecting ourselves and our loved ones became harder. Yet, together we sailed through the nightmare. We lost loved ones – far and near. We picked ourselves up and marched forward for the sake of those who were recovering.

Total strangers came to rescue while those meant to protect us looked the other way.

2021 was a year that showed both the strength and frailty of the human spirit.

What kept you going?

As always, books made this year somewhat bearable, especially the summer of 2021 when the cases doubled or tripled each day. I took comfort in the stories for fictional characters from simpler times. Stories that promised happy endings. Reading for a few minutes before bed helped me keep the nightmares at bay and sleep better. Some of the best books I read are here.

After 15 months of finishing the final draft, Gift of Life – my second novel, was finally released on December 25th this year. A story that was born out of all of our experiences in the summer of 2020. I have filled the pages with warmth, peace and positivity – everything I deeply desired during those uncertain times.

Finally received my very first copy!

Last year, I posted 5 Easy Resolutions for 2021 for the New Year. I stuck to these 5 resolutions as much as I could and have managed to create a better-balanced lifestyle. Hope you too were able to do better this year. If not, it’s okay. You can start now.

Every day is a new beginning. You can start working on your goals anytime. New Year Resolutions are just a way to draw motivation from the majority.

With the increase in the number of Omicron cases around the world, it is important that we recall our experiences and lessons learned these past two years and remember not to repeat the mistakes. Mask up and stay safe.

Let the year 2022 be full of positivity, hope and healing.

Happy New Year, Everyone!



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