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How have you been? Another good week comes to an end. Time to unwind, relax and recharge before the next week kicks in.

Last week, we spoke about “Why we Judge?“. From the comments and personal messages I have received, I understand that it led to a lot of thinking, understanding and retrospection. I’m glad the post had that effect on the readers.

A feel-good post for today. Hope you enjoy it!

To me, the importance of having a home, a safe haven in these unpredictable times, came during the summer of 2020, when the intensity of the pandemic situation seeped and cemented in my mind. That was a year ago. And, honestly, nothing much seems to have changed.

By definition, a happy place is a memory, situation or activity that makes you happy. To me, a happy place then meant an escape from reality. A good movie, an engaging TV series or a Feel-Good book that could transport me to another world. But all of these would come to an end within days or even hours on most days. The need for a physical happy place where I could go and unwind was more important than ever before.

At first, my happy place was a secluded corner at home where I had a comfortable chair and a study desk. It is here I sat down for work and for my writing. Over time I added a bookshelf, a few plants and a small Buddha idol that gives me positive and calming vibes.

Today, I have a small room to call my ‘Happy Place’. It is here that I spend most of my waking hours. It is here that I create – write, paint, experiment with crafts and above all –  think. On some not so good days when I feel down or exhausted this Happy Place helps me relax, rejuvenate and eventually jump back.

Ceramic Aroma diffuser, a tealight candle and handmade jute coaster.

I think everyone should have a happy place. It need not be an entire room. It could be a quiet little corner by the window where you could place your favourite chair and spend time reading your favourite book, sipping a cup of tea or talk to a friend. A few post-its with good quotes on the wall, a low-maintenance plant, a ceramic aroma diffuser like the one above and some soft cushions can really help you relax. More importantly, it should be a spot where you can listen to yourself thinking. A spot where you spend your ‘me-time’ blocking out everything else for a few minutes a day.

I believe, in these uncertain times, one must do everything one can to protect their mental piece. Responsibly ofcourse.

Two Succulents from a nearby nursery and a handmade jute coaster for my favourite Ganapathi idol!

Many people have terrace gardens or balconies as their happy place. What better than bits of nature to re-energize yourself?

Photo credits.

Some have reading nooks for a happy place, surrounded by books and reading supplies. To me, it is nothing less than a piece of heaven.

Photo credit.

What does your happy place look like? Let me know in the comments below.

Featured image: Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Stay home. Stay Safe.



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7 thoughts on “Need for a Happy Place!

  1. That’s a good one.
    I was thinking what does my happy place look like. And I realized that small corner in my room where I’ve set up my piano, forces me to escape from the outer world and all my troubles. I need to or want to being in plants into my room but somehow not being able to make peace with the fact that, it’s something that I’ll be responsible for or something that I should take care of everyday. Or maybe I should just get few and see how they make me feel. This article is really well written and so fresh 🍃💦. Good one. Sending lots of love your way.

    1. You should definitely get some plants for your happy place. You could start simple. A money plant in a old glass bottle or a few low succulents. They thrive on negligence.

        1. Thank you for your comment, Swathi 🙂 Here are 3 books that I love re-reading everytime I need some motivation
          1. The monk who sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma
          2. Who moved my Cheese by Spencer Johnson
          3. Ikigai by Héctor García and Francesc Miralles

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