Etthina Bhuja – My First Trek along the Western Ghats

Hello, Dear Readers, I'm back with a long due travel post for this week! It was not until I found myself savouring tangy spiced corn, roasted on an open flame under an almost full moon, at a roadside tea shop more than a 100 km from home, did I realise that my unlock 1.0 had … Continue reading Etthina Bhuja – My First Trek along the Western Ghats

Goa – Beyond fish, booze and beaches

When I tell my friends that I visit Goa every alternate year or so, they look at me in what I think is a mix of disbelief and awe. Awe – for the obvious reason and disbelief mainly because when it comes to having ‘Goa-type fun’, I am a 2 point someone on a scale … Continue reading Goa – Beyond fish, booze and beaches

Akasa Sthamba, LePakshi

What would you say if I told you that a 15 feet tall, 6 centuries old, monolithic stone pillar has been miraculously hanging from the roof of a 16th-century temple and is still one of the most underrated structures in the country? It is true. And rightfully so, because in a country like ours where … Continue reading Akasa Sthamba, LePakshi

Tiger Hills, Darjeeling

Being woken up at 4:00 in the morning and dragged out of a warm and cosy hotel room to experience a bone-chilling, teeth-chattering, fire-in-the-lungs winter morning was not exactly what I had imagined to be the beginning of my long-planned vacation. But, given a chance to go back, I don’t wish to change any of … Continue reading Tiger Hills, Darjeeling

Triveni – Darjeeling’s very own Lovers meet

Triveni- As the name suggests, is the confluence of two rivers, the Great Rangeet and the docile mountain stream Teesta on the outskirts of the enticing town of Darjeeling at the Himalayan foothills. I encountered this mesmerizing watersmeet on my way to Gangtok from Darjeeling. It was a little after 4:00 pm, in January, when … Continue reading Triveni – Darjeeling’s very own Lovers meet