Quantity, Quality and Mere Joy

Most famous artists (any artist) stick to the mantra of 'Quality over Quantity'. They call it 'Slow Mastery'. There are some popular pieces of art and sculpture that took decades to complete. Fine art as they call it. Auguste Rodin’s La Porte de l’Enfer or The Gates of Hell took 37 years to complete. Leonardo … Continue reading Quantity, Quality and Mere Joy

Telltale Pictures: Unconditional Love

Dear Readers, Hope you are doing well. It has been a while since I last posted here and many of you have dropped messages asking me the reason for my absence. It makes me happy that you guys enjoy reading my blog and look forward to it every week. Apologies for not posting much this … Continue reading Telltale Pictures: Unconditional Love

Five Words That Should Have Never Been Invented

Hello Dear Readers, How have you been? Something different for this week. Words and I are old friends. My love for beautiful words developed early. As a child, I vividly remember 'Miracle' was my favourite word. It was not just the meaning but the way the word rolled on the tongue when I said it. … Continue reading Five Words That Should Have Never Been Invented

Telltale pictures: Life Finds a Way

Last year, around this time, if somebody came up to me and told me that we had only a few more months to live the way we did and soon things were going to change drastically. That we would have to start spending our holidays and weekends confined to our houses and go without eating … Continue reading Telltale pictures: Life Finds a Way

Mysteries of the Mind: How Forgetting Helps Healing

Almost every aspect of the human mind is a mystery to us even today. Dreams, thoughts, learning, imagination, skill development - there is no concrete information on how all of these are processed by our brain. There is very little known from statistics and studies about how different responses are obtained for the same stimuli … Continue reading Mysteries of the Mind: How Forgetting Helps Healing

Man’s Love for Discrimination

The funny thing about thoughts is its ability to drift from one to another. It is also the most powerful thing about them. The idea behind this post came to me when my aunt was complaining about the price surge on flowers owing to the festival season. Roses, Jasmines and marigolds were selling at the … Continue reading Man’s Love for Discrimination

Bone Chilling Haunted Tales To Test Your Bravery

  Hello Dear Readers, I have been away from the Blogosphere for a few days now as I was busy with another project. Something I picked up after almost five years. I will share the outcome in my next post (Excited!). Till then stay tuned. Today's post, however, is intended to bring out a different … Continue reading Bone Chilling Haunted Tales To Test Your Bravery

Three Precious Gems I found this week

A part of my daily routine is to watch motivational videos after my morning yoga session. More often than not, I simply listen to the most inspiring speeches that have previously motivated me, again. This week, however, I chose to listen to new youtube recommendations instead. Here are three precious gems that stuck with me. … Continue reading Three Precious Gems I found this week

An Unusual Friendship

The pandemic has taken a lot away from us. But it has also taught us to slow down and find joy in the little things. In the last few months, many of us have spent more quality time with our families than all the years before put together. We have also spent more time noticing … Continue reading An Unusual Friendship

Does Experience Influence Imagination?

Hello, Amazing reader, This week's #WednesdayWeekly post needs a little more pondering than my usual ones. It did take a lot more time to write too. But it was worth it. We often hear that reality is very much influenced by imagination. Everything manmade - from the most amazing to the most destructive creations - … Continue reading Does Experience Influence Imagination?