4 Fun & Different types of Poetry you can write – By Priyankha Kamalakannan

Guest Blog by Priyankha Kamalakannan

Many people think that poetry always needs to rhyme, or that they always have to sound the same, but that isn’t exactly true. Throughout the world, many different kinds of poetry are written. Today, I will focus on 4 fun types of Poetry from all around the world that you can easily write in your free time.

Acrostic Poems

Acrostic Poems are poems in which each line starts with a letter of the topic word of the poem. These types of poems usually tend to be bright and happy. If you want to add something to it, you can also make it rhyme. It is easier if the topic word isn’t so long so that the poem isn’t too long either. Here is an example of an acrostic poem I wrote (From my 2nd book, The Positive Poetry Closet, available on Amazon);

Shining through the dark night

Twinkling so bright

And they bring a lot of light

Running around the universe

Sparkling stars they are


Limericks are goofy, funny, and silly poems that originate from Ireland. These poems have 5 lines. Lines 1,2 & 5 have between 7-10 syllables and rhyme together, while lines 3 & 4 have between 5-7 syllables and rhyme together as well. Limericks are a type of poetry that is designed to make people laugh, so if you have lots of funny ideas, Limericks are ideal for you. Here is a short Limerick I wrote;

The Kitten

There once was a kitten,

Who was trying to steal a mitten,

He could fly like a bat,

He scurried like a rat,

He dropped and lost the mitten.


Couplets are poems in which each pair of lines rhyme. There can be as many pairs as you wish. Every line in the poem needs to have the same amount of syllables. Each pair of lines needs to have a different pair of rhyming words. If you happen to like a challenge with words, then this is just for you. Here is a short Couplet I wrote;

Identical Twins

You and me are the same,

We both have hair to tame.

You have got a big shoe,

And I’ve got one in blue.

We are always a pair,

Pretty and very fair.


Haiku is a short poem-writing style that originates from Japan. Haikus usually don’t have rhyming words. There are 3 lines in a Haiku, each having a specific amount of syllables. The first line has 5 syllables, the second has 7, and the last has 5. Haikus are usually very thoughtful. These poems are short and easy to write, even with the limited syllables. Here is a Haiku I wrote (From my 2nd book, The Positive Poetry Closet, available on Amazon);


Unique little flakes

Of cold, icy, and frosted snow

Microscopic shapes

I have also posted more detailed videos for Limericks, Couplets, Haikus on my Youtube channel, so if you would like to, please watch them! I hope you enjoy trying out or learning about these types of poems!


Author Bio:

I am Priyankha Kamalakannan, a 12 yr old student (Grade 6) studying at Franconian International School in Erlangen, Germany. I am a YouTuber and also have a personal Website on which I maintain my work. I have written 2 books, Fantasia Adventures & The Positive Poetry Closet, both of which are available on Amazon.


My YouTube Channel: PriEditz – YouTube

My Website: priyankhakamal.com

Fantasia Adventures: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09L52H47B/ref=tsm_1_fb_lkThe Positive Poetry Closet: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B09SY7HVT5/ref=tsm_1_fb_lk

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