Telltale Pictures: Unconditional Love

Dear Readers, Hope you are doing well. It has been a while since I last posted here and many of you have dropped messages asking me the reason for my absence. It makes me happy that you guys enjoy reading my blog and look forward to it every week. Apologies for not posting much this … Continue reading Telltale Pictures: Unconditional Love

Poetry: Had you known…

Hello, you amazing reader out there, Of late, I have been trying my hands at poetry. This is my second poem so far. You can read the first one here. The poem came to me out of the blue and I haven't put any effort in polishing them. I believe in the beauty of raw … Continue reading Poetry: Had you known…

5 Good Things the Lockdown Taught Us

Hey there, Hope this blog post finds you and your family in good health! No matter how bad the situation, it always has a silver lining. From the numerous bloggers I follow, I have discovered that people who try to remain optimistic during tough times, almost always are the first ones to see this silver … Continue reading 5 Good Things the Lockdown Taught Us

A Small Dose of Positivity

It’s day 8 of lockdown in India. For many, it might feel like an eternity has passed by instead of just a week. We appear to have successfully climbed the first step of Nirvana – A phase where we feel no difference between happy Sundays and blue Mondays. It’s all the same to us now. Humans … Continue reading A Small Dose of Positivity

Slow down, Superwoman

Dear Superwoman, A gentle reminder to keep your mental health, physical health, hormone levels, stress level and everything else that comes along as a part of being a woman, in check. It all started when my debut novel Shikhandini hit the bookstores after a long wait of nearly two years. My joy knew no bounds … Continue reading Slow down, Superwoman

The Queen of Anga

“I Duryodhan, first-born to the King of Hasthinapur- pronounce you Karna as the King of Anga. You, my beloved friend from now on, will be known as Angaraj Karna.” The words resonate in my ears as though it were just yesterday that Karna had narrated the scene from Hasthinapur. It was the day of the … Continue reading The Queen of Anga

Bittersweet life

Mumbai, the Mayanagari of India, is truly a place of dreams and illusions. A city which is known for its magic and its ability to change dreams into reality. While dreams have no boundaries, they sure have many dimensions. Some dream of fame and success while others dream of a house over their head and … Continue reading Bittersweet life