Bone Chilling Haunted Tales To Test Your Bravery

  Hello Dear Readers, I have been away from the Blogosphere for a few days now as I was busy with another project. Something I picked up after almost five years. I will share the outcome in my next post (Excited!). Till then stay tuned. Today's post, however, is intended to bring out a different … Continue reading Bone Chilling Haunted Tales To Test Your Bravery

Coco, the Squirrel

Hi there, Hope you are having a great weekend! Today, I have a small story about an incident that is quite close to me (Although I was not really a part of it). It speaks about love, loss and the fragility of life. 15th June 2019, Bengaluru It was the eve of our engagement and … Continue reading Coco, the Squirrel


I am no cat person. In fact, a cat would be the last thing I adopt, except for maybe snakes and tarantulas. I find cats intimidating, their stares judgemental and their snarls ominous. But Joshua was an exception. He entered our lives in the most unexpected way and left just as gracefully. He was the … Continue reading Joshua

Short Story: The Wedding

Hello, amazing reader, I have always been a fan of open-ended stories, crisp enigmatic tales that keep the readers racking their brains until days after. Often such stories lead to long, engaging discussions and bring forth the many different facets of the story. Every word is picked, weighed, turned and scrutinised before moving to the … Continue reading Short Story: The Wedding

The Asura’s Wife – II

  "You can't do this, Ravan. This is not right. You cannot disrespect a woman like this." I cried when I learnt his intention behind abducting Sita. "What about Meenakshi? About what Sita’s husband and his arrogant brother did to my sister? Was that not wrong?" my husband retorted, his eyes fuming with rage at … Continue reading The Asura’s Wife – II

The Asura’s Wife – I

The story of my life begins on the day I was found by my parents in a well, screaming for help. Having tried hard several times, I am still unable to recall anything from my life before that. How I ended up in that well has been a mystery to me all my life. Mayasura- … Continue reading The Asura’s Wife – I

The Queen of Anga

“I Duryodhan, first-born to the King of Hasthinapur- pronounce you Karna as the King of Anga. You, my beloved friend from now on, will be known as Angaraj Karna.” The words resonate in my ears as though it were just yesterday that Karna had narrated the scene from Hasthinapur. It was the day of the … Continue reading The Queen of Anga

Bittersweet life

Mumbai, the Mayanagari of India, is truly a place of dreams and illusions. A city which is known for its magic and its ability to change dreams into reality. While dreams have no boundaries, they sure have many dimensions. Some dream of fame and success while others dream of a house over their head and … Continue reading Bittersweet life