Loving People, Loving Things

Hello, Lovely readers, Back with another thought-provoking post. Spencer W. Kimball once said “Love people, not things; use things, not people”. At first glance, this quote feels like the answer to everything that is going wrong in this world. Yet, like all great philosophical learnings, it is easier said than done. As humans, we tend … Continue reading Loving People, Loving Things

Three Precious Gems I found this week

A part of my daily routine is to watch motivational videos after my morning yoga session. More often than not, I simply listen to the most inspiring speeches that have previously motivated me, again. This week, however, I chose to listen to new youtube recommendations instead. Here are three precious gems that stuck with me. … Continue reading Three Precious Gems I found this week

Depression – The Innocuous Insect turned Lethal Reptile

Posting an article that I had written sometime back but hesitated to publish. Today seems like the right day to do so. The American Psychiatric Association defines depression as A common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think and how you act. Many as times it is the … Continue reading Depression – The Innocuous Insect turned Lethal Reptile

Girl with a Dream

    We often hear about remembering to turn on the light when things appear dark. But what we forget is to block the negativity before turning on the light. This poem is inspired by a well known short story about a group of men who wished to climb a tall mountain but gave up … Continue reading Girl with a Dream

Coco, the Squirrel

Hi there, Hope you are having a great weekend! Today, I have a small story about an incident that is quite close to me (Although I was not really a part of it). It speaks about love, loss and the fragility of life. 15th June 2019, Bengaluru It was the eve of our engagement and … Continue reading Coco, the Squirrel

Poetry: Had you known…

Hello, you amazing reader out there, Of late, I have been trying my hands at poetry. This is my second poem so far. You can read the first one here. The poem came to me out of the blue and I haven't put any effort in polishing them. I believe in the beauty of raw … Continue reading Poetry: Had you known…

Biryani Day!

Hello, you wonderful people out there, Hope you are all holding up well today on Lockdown Day 29, is it? I truly have lost count of it. Sending out positive vibes and love to you and your family. So, yesterday was Biryani-day at home. I was never really a Biryani person (Don't judge me yet), … Continue reading Biryani Day!

Small Consistent Effort

Hey everyone, Hope you and your family are doing well today. Your likes, comments and feedback over the last couple of posts have been a big boost of confidence for me to write more and better. So a big thank you to all of you. Image courtesy: Photo by Řaj Vaishnaw from Pexels In today's post, I am … Continue reading Small Consistent Effort