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Dream Big. Work Hard. – has always been my mantra for life. But very often, I wonder – Until when? Should I set a deadline for my dream and then give up if it doesn’t manifest by then?

But how does one give up all those years of hard work, persistence and the hundred little accomplishments made along the way? And, What if the deadline wasn’t right? After all, your biggest success often comes a step after your biggest failure.

After putting much thought into this, I personally think Dreams should not come with deadlines. Working towards your dream should be a part of your daily routine like taking a shower or making your bed. Without any excuses.

Here are a few reasons, why I feel so.

1. The bigger your dream, the more time it will take to manifest.

With some exceptions, bigger dreams often take a lot more planning, persistence and effort. Above all, it takes a lot more time. If you have observed, most millionaires don’t make it to their exalted status until their 50s or 60s. Here’s the list. While being a millionaire may not exactly be your dream, you get the idea.

2. Giving up means starting something new from scratch.

This is not as easy as it sounds. When you give up on something that you have worked at for many years, it takes away a big chunk of your confidence with it. And it will leave a scar behind that years later will transform into regret. (Does not apply to toxic relationships. In this case, years later it will only transform into gratitude)

3. Your deadline is not yours alone.

Often, the deadlines we set for ourselves are not ours alone. It is influenced by the success/failures of our peers. While it may have worked for them, it may not necessarily be the same for you. After all, each one of us is living in our own timezone.

While setting goals/milestones and changing them when you feel it is not working out right, is okay, giving up on the dream itself is not.

Hindustani classical vocalist Pandit Jasraj had once said, “I believe music is not something you can perfect even in a lifetime. With every life, you start off from where you left off in your previous life. Once you have understood this, age is no more a barrier and death is not the end of your musical pilgrimage.

I believe this applies to all other kinds of dreams as well.


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4 thoughts on “Should your dream have a deadline?

  1. Great article, however partially disagree with your second point though.

    Here is my 2-point argument.

    1. Sometimes stepping back and giving up can be a life saver. When going behind dreams cause more trouble than happiness, it is perfectly okay to park your dream for a while. You can pick it up from where you left when times improve in the future.

    2. The wordings “Starting something new from scratch” gives out a negative vibe. Starting something new from scratch is actually good, you’re learning something new, keeps your mind young and healthy. So, it is not necessarily bad.

    That being said, My favorite part was the ending quote by Pandit Jasraj. Wonderful and insightful quote.

    Keep writing.

    1. Thanks, Harish for the thoughtful comment. I agree that parking your dream for awhile is okay when you feel that if you continue to pursue it, you might lose your life. Also, there is nothing wrong in starting something new from the scratch, but from personal experience, I feel it is lot harder than the first time.

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