Yesterday on Day 12 of lockdown in India, I got the opportunity to be a part of something beautiful. At 8:15 am (IST), healers, Yogis, Spiritual Gurus and Yoga enthusiasts like myself came together in virtual mass meditation (from our respective homes).

It was an “Ascension Timeline Meditation” that was scheduled to align with a massive astrological configuration of Jupiter – Pluto conjugation. This phenomenal conjugation is believed to happen only once in 700 years. People around the world sat in mediation following common set guidelines for their visualization, unifying and focusing their consciousness to create a massive amount of positive light energy. The mass meditation was used to then channel this energy to overcome the epidemic, eliminate fear, heal the infected and fight dark forces behind triggering this epidemic.

Time and again mass meditation and prayers have proven to be powerful especially in times of adversity. It has been an integral part of all religious communities. The ancient Yogis performed Yagyas together by sitting around the holy pyre and chanting mantras. Even today, Hindus, Christians, Muslims, and people of all other religions pray together in their respective places of worship – in both times of celebration and sorrow.
But what is the significance of Mass meditation/prayer? How does it help?

It is not only believed but also witnessed that when a group of people come together with a common intention or goal and focus all their energy to achieve that goal then sooner or later it manifests.

There are many incidents in history where a small group of people has joined hands to start a movement, a campaign and after a certain period of time it became a revolution. One such example was an experiment conducted during the Lebanon war in the 1980s. A group of 1000 people meditated on world peace. In the days to come it was observed that the war deaths came down by 75% and with it, all crime and destructive happenings went down.

It might sound very hypothetical or superficial to the “modern” mind. But there is no denying that even today there are many things that modern science is not able to explain. While some believe that today’s miracles are tomorrow’s science there are many who believe that not only the universe but the human mind too, is in itself a portal to things beyond our physical restrictions. The debate has been continuing from ages.
Whether you believe in this or no, the benefits of mediation on your mind and body are undeniable. And if there is a way you can use this for a greater good then I feel there is no harm in doing so.

So what is your opinion about the power of mass meditation especially in times like these? Tell me in the comments.

Stay Home. Stay Safe. Stay Happy.
Jai Hind.

Signing off

Ashwini Shenoy

Author of Shikhandini

Featured Image courtesy: George Becker from Pexels