What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

Dear Readers, A feast for your mind in today's post. Beautifully written lines, like poems, have always had a lasting impression on me. Analogies, metaphors and sometimes simple prose written with a creative touch. It has the same effect on me as popping a piece of Belgian chocolate into my mouth at the end of … Continue reading What’s the most beautiful thing you’ve ever read?

Loving People, Loving Things

Hello, Lovely readers, Back with another thought-provoking post. Spencer W. Kimball once said “Love people, not things; use things, not people”. At first glance, this quote feels like the answer to everything that is going wrong in this world. Yet, like all great philosophical learnings, it is easier said than done. As humans, we tend … Continue reading Loving People, Loving Things

Telltale Pictures: Unconditional Love

Dear Readers, Hope you are doing well. It has been a while since I last posted here and many of you have dropped messages asking me the reason for my absence. It makes me happy that you guys enjoy reading my blog and look forward to it every week. Apologies for not posting much this … Continue reading Telltale Pictures: Unconditional Love

Old Man in the Balcony

There is something about old people that leaves a warm and cosy feeling in me. Having lost all four of my grandparents (both paternal and maternal) at a very young age, I believe there is a void in me that I try to fill by interacting with older men and women. I never miss a … Continue reading Old Man in the Balcony

Three of My Fav. Poems: A Treat for your Mind and Soul!

Hello you lovely person, Hope you are doing well. Today's post is more of a treat to my readers. An unusual way of saying Thank You for your continuous support and encouragement. Photo by Ena Marinkovic from Pexels While novels and I are old friends, poetry is something I have always been very fascinated about. It was … Continue reading Three of My Fav. Poems: A Treat for your Mind and Soul!

Coco, the Squirrel

Hi there, Hope you are having a great weekend! Today, I have a small story about an incident that is quite close to me (Although I was not really a part of it). It speaks about love, loss and the fragility of life. 15th June 2019, Bengaluru It was the eve of our engagement and … Continue reading Coco, the Squirrel

Poetry: Had you known…

Hello, you amazing reader out there, Of late, I have been trying my hands at poetry. This is my second poem so far. You can read the first one here. The poem came to me out of the blue and I haven't put any effort in polishing them. I believe in the beauty of raw … Continue reading Poetry: Had you known…

Resistance – The Evil Within

Hi there, Hope you are doing well. It has been over six months ever since I started working on my second book. Three months since I actually started putting words into the outline. I thought it would be easy because I have already been through this before. Shikhandini, my first book was not just a … Continue reading Resistance – The Evil Within

A Small Dose of Positivity

It’s day 8 of lockdown in India. For many, it might feel like an eternity has passed by instead of just a week. We appear to have successfully climbed the first step of Nirvana – A phase where we feel no difference between happy Sundays and blue Mondays. It’s all the same to us now. Humans … Continue reading A Small Dose of Positivity


I am no cat person. In fact, a cat would be the last thing I adopt, except for maybe snakes and tarantulas. I find cats intimidating, their stares judgemental and their snarls ominous. But Joshua was an exception. He entered our lives in the most unexpected way and left just as gracefully. He was the … Continue reading Joshua