My Experiment with AI Art (Raja Ravi Varma)

Dear Readers,

Have you had a chance to explore the realm of AI-generated content that has been making waves in recent times? I used ChatGPT for the first time a couple of weeks ago and was quite amused by its response to my creativity and storytelling prompts.

Over the last few days, most illustrators, designers and artists I follow are coming up with great AI-generated art/photographs/illustrations. It is surreal that these pictures could be created using a few lines of prompts.

Last evening it was raining very heavily here in my hometown and with nothing interesting to do at the moment, I decided to try my hands at AI art. It had been too long since I last painted, and the idea of exploring the fascinating fusion of technology and creativity in AI art intrigued me.

Here’s my prompt:

Famous Indian Artist Raja Ravi Varma working on one of his paintings using an easel”

I’m sure a better prompt with carefully chosen words and probably a Start Image would have helped make these images better but this is the best I could do with the limited number of free trials I had. There is no way I am paying for this. I would rather use the money to buy art supplies. No offence intended.

Speaking of money, I was surprised to know people are actually paying to own AI-generated art. This one sold for a whopping USD 432000 apparently created not using a word prompt but a formula. It is also a result of the artist’s imagination who is not ‘human’. The said non-human artist was taught the portraiture techniques of the 18th century by feeding thousands of paintings to it. I guess that justifies the price.

While I appreciate the advancements of AI-generated content and technological progress, there will always be a unique and irreplaceable place in my heart for art created by human minds, hands, and emotions.

What are your thoughts on AI-generated content? Tell me in the comments below.

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