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After my last post, that made you guys put your thinking caps on, I decided to write something light for this week.

School days have a way of coming back to you in the most unexpected times. A friend and I were talking about mid and high school memories (I had a different school every 3-4 years) and the topic of doodling popped up. Back then doodling meant mindless scribbling on the last page of our notebooks – disproportionate cartoons, FLASH games, X and Os etc. All skillfully hiding the name of the ‘crush-at-the-moment’. We were often embarrassed when someone, especially a teacher, glanced through these last pages of our book and tried to make sense out of it.

Today, however, doodling is a much-appreciated art form. There are many artists making a living out of this – Instagram Influencers, comic creators, merchandise makers etc. These artists are living their dream. Here are a few I follow on Instagram.

  1. Neha Doodles
  2. Alicia Souza

But did you know doodling is also a relaxation technique used by many to de-stress and improve their concentration? In fact, a certain form of doodling called Zentagle doodling is considered as self-help art therapy. Thousands of people around the world use this as a relaxing activity. Kind of like massaging your creative muscles. Here’s more about it.

Another interesting fact is that just like Graphology where an expert analyzes a person’s handwriting to infer his/her personality, there are people who do the same using your doodle patterns.  Have you found yourself mindlessly scribbling patterns on a notepad while on the phone or a meeting? ‘Doodle experts’ can tell a lot about your personality using that sheet from your notepad. Isn’t it cool?

I started doodling two years ago. It is one of the many interests that I try once in a while and then keep it aside until I find the motivation to pick it up again.

Here are a few samples from my book (Inspired by images on Google)


Currently working on the piece below. This one is an original.



I used these amazing Artline Drawing Pens that are perfect for beginners. I paired it with this pretty Ink and Graphite Doodle book that works great too.

That is all I have for today. Have you tried any unconventional art forms? Tell me in the comments below.


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2 thoughts on “I Doodle, Do you?

  1. You have great doodling skills and really nice article. I never knew doodling had types and it can also be used as therapy/relaxation tool. Learnt something new today.

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