Telltale pictures: Life Finds a Way

Last year, around this time, if somebody came up to me and told me that we had only a few more months to live the way we did and soon things were going to change drastically. That we would have to start spending our holidays and weekends confined to our houses and go without eating at restaurants, meetings friends or going on trips for a long long time, well…. it wouldn’t have really bothered me much. But I would have definitely waved it off as surreal. It is hard to believe that something could change so drastically in such a short time.

Two weeks into the pandemic, almost everyone believed that life as we knew it had come to an end. Nine months later, we are still trying to adjust to the new normal.

Resistance to change is one of our fundamental characteristics.

But with time, we learn to adapt. We find workarounds and creative ways to not only make the best out of the current situation but also to grow through it. This too is one of the important characteristics of us, humans.

The picture above is one of the first things I see when I wake up in the morning. These little plants growing from the cracked wall is right outside my front door. Initially, it was just a small sprout with two leaves. Months later, we now have a chain of plants growing in a row. It is as though, the first plant has filled the other little ones with hope and paved the way for them to flourish and bloom. Isn’t nature simply amazing?

Come to think of it, things like these are in real, life lessons for us humans. I believe if one pays attention there is a lesson to learn from every aspect of nature. From a butterfly breaking free from its cocoon, a baby bird making its first flight to an ant working hard to climb a wall, there is a little something for us to learn from it all.

Needless to say, this seemingly common picture teaches us a great life lesson. That, no matter how hard the circumstances, life, always finds a way.

This reminds me of a famous quote that I read a few days ago.

Because the history of evolution is that life escapes all barriers. Life breaks free. Life expands to new territories. Painfully, perhaps even dangerously. But life finds a way. – Michael Crichton

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