A story about love, forgiveness and second chances all of which begins with an encounter between two strangers in the sleepy coastal city of Shells – A Serendipity.Simple Kindle Cover

Serendipity happened in a day, over the weekend. The story came to me as though out of nowhere like so many others that I have written over the years. The desire to know the events of Michael and Sara’s life and how their lives were intertwined was what led me to write it down and make it into this book. The fear of losing their story and never getting to know how it ended was the driving force behind what I like to call ‘binge-writing’. Serendipity is the outcome of 16+ hours of continuous writing (except for necessary short breaks, of course) and the result is more than satisfactory.

That’s the thing about stories, they find you, whisper in your ears, mesmerise you with their charm and leave you with no choice but to make it real – to crystallise it with your words.

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