Light at the end of the Tunnel.

Hi there, Hope you are all doing well. Today, I received the picture below in one of the hundred Whatsapp groups I belong to. The picture is hard-hitting. Amongst all the complaints about boredom, feeling of imprisonment, no access to your favourite fast food etc. people have finally acknowledged the real issue. The Lockdown is … Continue reading Light at the end of the Tunnel.

5 Good Things the Lockdown Taught Us

Hey there, Hope this blog post finds you and your family in good health! No matter how bad the situation, it always has a silver lining. From the numerous bloggers I follow, I have discovered that people who try to remain optimistic during tough times, almost always are the first ones to see this silver … Continue reading 5 Good Things the Lockdown Taught Us

The Power of Unity

Yesterday on Day 12 of lockdown in India, I got the opportunity to be a part of something beautiful. At 8:15 am (IST), healers, Yogis, Spiritual Gurus and Yoga enthusiasts like myself came together in virtual mass meditation (from our respective homes). It was an “Ascension Timeline Meditation” that was scheduled to align with a … Continue reading The Power of Unity

An Unexpected Visitor

To me, life is all about the little things. I treasure every small lesson, memory or accomplishment. Right from my childhood, I have been thought to dream big but also appreciate the small things. Gratefulness is the key to a peaceful and content life. It is already day 11 of Lockdown in India and the … Continue reading An Unexpected Visitor

A Small Dose of Positivity

It’s day 8 of lockdown in India. For many, it might feel like an eternity has passed by instead of just a week. We appear to have successfully climbed the first step of Nirvana – A phase where we feel no difference between happy Sundays and blue Mondays. It’s all the same to us now. Humans … Continue reading A Small Dose of Positivity

5 ways to spend the Lockdown time more effectively

We have 21 days starting today, hopefully after which we will all get our normal life back. While the world is on a standstill and we are confined within the walls of our home, contributing to the country’s fight against COVID -19, here are five things you can do to spend this time more effectively. … Continue reading 5 ways to spend the Lockdown time more effectively